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Trends in Key Enabling Technologies

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Published by: 01/10/2020 Publication type: Studies

Trends in Key Enabling Technologies

Trends in Key Enabling Technologies


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The research report is the first output of the project "Horizon scanning for responsible research and innovation" (TL02000487) that was co-funded by the Czech Technology Agency.
The report presents results of an analysis of structured and unstructured data from a large number of publicly available information sources carried out to identify technological trends and emerging technologies in the areas of key enabling technologies (KETs).

To identify trends and emerging technologies, a newly developed analytical tool was used that effectively combines different text mining methods in order to search, structure and filter a large number of documents. This tool was applied to a set of information sources covering research articles, news articles and expert discussions on social media.
The study identifies 163 technologies grouped into 39 technology trends. This is the first comprehensive identification of technology trends in the Czech Republic based on a systematic analysis of a large set of global information sources.

The study is in Czech language.