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Echo č. 4-5/2023

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Published by: 11/06/2023 Publication type: Echo

Echo č. 4-5/2023

Echo č. 4-5/2023


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Professor Julie Mildorfová Leventon from CZECHGLOBE, who is in charge of coordinating the Plus Change project, shares her experience in an interview for this issue of ECHO magazine.
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Project PLUS Change – Planning Land Use Strategies: Meeting biodiversity, climate and social objectives in a changing world – is a Horizon Europe collaborative project involving representatives from 14 countries and 23 institutions, coordinated by CzechGlobe. The project aims to develop strategies and decision-making processes for land use that effectively address challenges related to climate change, biodiversity, and human well-being. By bringing together diverse stakeholders and examining case studies from different regions in Europe, the project focuses on understanding the relationships between urban, regional, and peri-urban areas.

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