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The project aims to develop and test a tool box for evaluation of economic impacts of policies and programmes of targeted support of firms‘ R&D and science-industry cooperation with regards to different targeting of programmes/measures and their implementation, diversity of firms and business conditions.

The project should answer the following questions:

  • What types of enterprises are supported (what are their economic and R&D characteristics);
  • What are the types of supported projects;
  • What is the R&D strategy of firms receiving direct R&D support;
  • What are the economic impacts of targeted support of R&D and what are the impacts depending on the type (strategy) of the company;
  • How to evaluate the economic impacts of targeted support of R&D in the Czech business sector.


University of Economics, Prague, Faculty of Business Administration

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Contracting Authority:

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (ETA programme)


RNDr. Vladislav Čadil, Ph.D.