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Access2EIC follows the previous project Access4SME, which was completed in August 2019. It is a 16-months coordination and support action aimed to empower and facilitate transnational cooperation within the network of National Contact Points – NCPs focused on the Horizon 2020 European Innovation Council – EIC Pilot and the specific objective Access to Risk Finance – ARF. It involves a consortium made of formally appointed NCPs under ‘Future and Emerging Technologies – FET’, ‘Innovation in SMEs – SME’ and ‘Access to Risk Finance – ARF’ areas of Horizon 2020.

The networkt will aim at:

  • developing an improved, more consistent and professionalised NCP service across Europe, thereby helping simplify access to EIC Pilot calls, and lowering the entry barriers for newcomers;
  • identifying and sharing good practices and raising the general standard of support to EIC and ARF programme applicants, taking into account the novelties of this transition period and the diversity of actors that make up their constituency.


The network of 15 partners coordinated by the APRE agency (Italy)

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European Commission


RNDr. Petr Pracna, CSc.