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BISON3T carries out the activities of the international business and innovation support network Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in the Czech Republic. Today, the services of the EEN network, which is represented in more than 60 countries, are aimed primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises.
The main services of the network include providing business and legislative information on innovative business opportunities in the EU, assistance in finding international business contacts and partners, assistance in technology transfer and organizational assistance in cooperation between companies and research organizations in innovation research and development, especially in international programmes.
The network supports the development of companies' innovation potential, provides project and financial advice and consultations in the field of intellectual and industrial property protection.
The network also focuses on supporting the digitization, sustainability and resilience of companies in order to support the competitiveness and better position of Czech companies in the international context. Emphasis is placed on a personal approach to clients and the provision of "tailor-made" services according to the specific needs and requirements of a particular company.


The consortium of six regional institutions, coordinated by the Technology Center Prague, which covers the entire territory of the Czech Republic, participates in the project. The partners are: Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, BIC Plzeň, JIC, Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce, Regional Chamber of Commerce Moravia-Silesia.

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European Commission, Ministry of Industry and Trade


Ing. Silvia Jirásková