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The purpose of the project "Strategic Intelligence for Research and Innovation" (STRATIN+) is to provide analytical capacity and data-driven strategic information (i.e. strategic intelligence services) to public administrations and research organisations for the implementation of research, development and innovation (R&D&I) policy in the areas of

  • promoting international cooperation in R&D&I,
  • large research infrastructures,
  • research and innovation specialisation,
  • technological development,
  • development of human resources and capacities for research and innovation, and gender issues and the conditions for women in science.

The project responds directly to the demand of the MEYS and MIT for independent expert input for the strategic management of the R&D&I system and will provide continuous systematic support to the MEYS and MIT in obtaining strategic data-driven information for R&D&I development in these areas. However, the results in the listed areas can be used by a wider range of actors in the research and innovation system in the Czech Republic.

The STRATIN+ project is structured into six modules, which enhance strategic intelligence in specific segments of R&D&I policy.
Module 1 - Research and Innovation Systems
Module 2 - Horizon scanning and strategic foresight
Module 3 - Science, education and the labour market
Module 4 - Gender and Science
Module 5 - Science, Technology and Society
Module 6 - The R&D&I professional community


The Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, The Centre of Administration and Operations of the Czech Academy of Sciences, National Training Fund.

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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic


Ing. Michal Pazour, Ph.D.