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The aim of the international project DigiS (Digital Skills Alliance for the Enhancing of Programming Competencies) is to harmonize and develop education in the field of drone operating and virtual reality programming with regard to labor market needs and emphasis on supporting vocational training.
The project strives for defining the professional profiles of developer and drone operator and virtual reality programmer and developer, which are still not part of any national qualification systems. The required digital skills haven´t been taught in many European countries yet, although these professions penetrate into many disciplines and represent great potential for the European economy in the future.
In the pilot phase, an educational module will be created and evaluated. Subsequently, integration of the module into vocational education and training curricula of public and private education providers will be supported – both at national and European level.


The consortium consists of 11 partners from five countries under the coordination of the Czech Chamber of Commerce.


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European Commision


Ing. Petr Hladik, Ph.D.