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SiSnet3 3 is the international network of National Contact Points for Science with and for Society programme in Horizon 2020 (SwafS).
The main objective of this programme is to search for ways how to communicate information from the research to the citizens, and how to promote dialogue between science and society. 3 is a continuing project and is managed by 15 partners, the Technology Centre CAS is one of them. 3 provides the SwafS NCPs with room for active cooperation. 3 enhances their good quality services to Science with and for Society stakeholders, and provides them with training on core SwafS objectives – science education, science communication, scientific careers and public engagement, research ethics, open science and gender equality.


15 partners, coordinated by The Icelandic Centre for Research - RANNÍS, Island

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European Commission


Mgr. Klára Černá