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Preparatory workshops for ERC applicants to 2024 calls

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Preparatory workshops for ERC applicants to 2024 calls


Preparatory workshops for ERC applicants to 2024 calls


The possibility to register for this year’s workshops for ERC applicants has been opened. The workshop series is organised by Technology Centre Prague in cooperation with the Expert Group for supporting ERC applicants.

The workshops consisting of 3 parts will take place in May, June and September 2023. The first workshop will be held between 16 and 18 May 2023 with each day devoted to another scientific domain. For more information, please see the document attached.

The workshop are primarily intended for ERC Starting and Consolidator grant applicants, though participation of ERC Advanced and Synergy grant applicants is also possible. The participants are expected to be intensively preparing their proposal to be submitted to one of the 2024 ERC calls. This must be reflected in the quality of materials sent as part of the registration.

The workshops will take place in English via MS Teams.

To be considered for participation, please follow the steps below. The deadline for completing the requirements is 2 April 2023.

1.       Fill in this online registration form

2.       Send the abstract, CV and track record to

3.       Ensure your host institution includes you in the confirmation e-mail (to be send to with the names of all applicants it expresses its support to.

The participants will be informed about their (non)acceptance at the beginning of May 2023.