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How to save food? Please, find the guide

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How to save food? Please, find the guide


How to save food? Please, find the guide


The guide is intended for entrepreneurs in the field of hospitality and catering, state administration, non-profit organisation and other stakeholders, who intend to reduce their food loss for environmental, economic, social and other reasons. It summarizes the information gained throughout the research project Food waste reduction in catering (RedPot) in which TC CAS took part together with partners and which was supported by the ĚTA program of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic during the years

The project was one of the first to map food waste in public catering establishments in the Czech Republic and provides specific recommendations on how to reduce food waste in daily practice of canteens and fast-food restaurants. These recommendations are illustrated into a practical poster in ten points.

For use in foreign branches the manual and the poster are in English, find the enclosures below.