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RICH-2 Proposal Workshop for RI H2020 Applicants

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RICH-2 Proposal Workshop for RI H2020 Applicants

RICH-2 Proposal Workshop for RI H2020 Applicants
Action type: seminar
When: 02/12/2020
Where: Technology Centre CAS, Ve Struhách 27, Prague 6


Preparation of project proposals will be supported by H2020 project RICH-2 under the frame of the RICH-2 Proposal Workshop#### for RI Applicants to be held in Prague at the TC CAS premises on Wednesday 12 February 2020.

By organizing this workshop RICH-2 project aims at supporting excellent quality, and therefore a higher success rate of project proposals to the calls INFRAIA-02-2020, INFRAIA-03-2020, INFRAINNOV-03-2020, INFRAINNOV-04-2020, INFRASUPP-02-2020, INFRAEOSC-03-2020 and INFRAEOSC-07-2020.
During the workshop, experienced evaluators, NCPs and researchers will work together on a mock evaluation of the project proposals.

The Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences (TC CAS) is hosting this event in Prague, roughly one month before the calls closure.

RICH-2 consortium members are well aware about the need for discretion and data protection. At the venue, all participants will sign
a non-disclosure agreement on the information which will be dealt with during the workshop. Before the workshop, evaluators will be asked by RICH2 to proclaim not to have a conflict of interest. Naturally, NCPs will act in accordance with the “Minimum standards and Guiding principles for setting up systems of National Contact Points (NCP systems) under Horizon 2020.” GDPR will be respected.

The capacity of the workshop is 12 project proposals. The project proposals will be mock evaluated separately in three different rooms. The choice of project proposals for evaluation will be done by RICH-2 on the first come-first served basis for the first
6 proposals. For the next 6 proposals project proposals projects including partners from Widening countries will be prioritized.

The registration will be opened until the 5 February 2020 at

At the time of registration project coordinators are hereby asked to provide a project abstract and the consortium composition to the
CZ NCP :, where questions on the Proposal Workshop for RI Applicants can be raised.