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Health-NCP-Net 3.0

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Health-NCP-Net 3.0

Health-NCP-Net 3.0

The Health-NCP-Net 3.0 (HNN 3.0) project is an international network of National Contact Points for Cluster 1 of Horizon Europe. The aim of the project is to unify the level of the National Contact Points. The project specifically focuses on removing barriers to project submissions by promoters from Widening Countries (including the Czech Republic).
The planned activities are also intended to improve the quality of services provided by the NCPs and to increase the complementarity and effectiveness of the support provided by HNN 3.0 and other relevant networks in the health field.


The consortium consists of 16 partners, coordinated by the Italian Agency for the Promotion of European Research (APRE).

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European Commission


RNDr. Monika Vrajová, Ph.D.