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The 21st year of the CZEDER conference was held

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The 21st year of the CZEDER conference was held


The Technology Centre Prague, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports , organised the traditional conference Czech Days for European Research (CZEDER 2024) on 27 February 2024.

The conference was opened by Jaroslav Miller, Deputy Minister of Education, Youth and Sports.

The morning session focused on a review of the first half of the Horizon Europe programme and its strategic outlook, presented by EC representative Joanna Drake. The objectives and focus of the Joint Research Centre were presented by Saala Saastamoinen. Lucie Núňez Tayupanta from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports outlined the activities that will allow the Czech Republic to fully exploit its potential in international research cooperation. The session concluded with a panel discussion with representatives of the Czech Academy of Sciences,  the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Government Office and the Czech Rectors Conference.

During the afternoon session, the EC representative and the speakers of the follow-up panel presented and evaluated new tools used in the implementation of the Horizon Europe programme.

The conference was attended by more than 150 participants, who also appreciated the poster section with examples of successful Czech coordinators or participants in Horizont Europe projects.

The poster section is available on the conference website.

For a selection of photos, see the Gallery  - the link is at the bottom of the photo (photo © R. Volfík), the recording of the conference is available on the TC Praha YouTube channel as well as a short video.


Salla Saastamoinen

Lucie Núňez Tayupanta

Daniel Frank

Ulrich Genschel