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Call for independent experts / evaluators

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Call for independent experts / evaluators


Call for independent experts / evaluators


The NCP_WIDERA.NET project, whose partner is also the Technology Centre Prague (TC Prague), has opened a permanent call for experts that will ensure a professional project proposal pre-screening for applicants from Widening countries - more information here. If  you are an expert with a high level of expertise in the field that corresponds to Pillar II, EIC Pathfinder or Widening and ERA parts of the Horizon Europe programme and an excellent command of English go to portal and create your profile.

If your profile is matched with a proposal (based on your area of expertise and keywords) and you agree to perform the pre-check, you will be required to sign the contract, including a confidentiality agreement, with the relevant NCP organisation (for Czech applicants is this service managed by TC Prague that will sign with you a Contract for Work). Your role will be to analyse the proposal, prepare written recommendations, and meet online with the coordinator and/or consortium to provide them with feedback. This is a paid role (600 EUR) for a single service that should take up to 20 working hours. Experts can be selected to pre-screen Czech applications as well as the foreign ones.

A summary description of this service is here. Portal User Guide is attached.