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Call: EIP-AGRI seeks experts for new Focus Groups

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Call: EIP-AGRI seeks experts for new Focus Groups


Two EIP-AGRI Focus Groups seek experts with practical experience or specific knowledge on:

• Non-chemical weed management in arable cropping systems
• Pests and diseases of the olive tree

The aim of the Focus Groups on specific agricultural topics is to facilitate innovative actions in the field and better connect science and practice. The Focus Groups will start working in November 2018 and are expected to present their results and recommendations within 12 months.

The European Innovation Partnership ‘Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability’ (EIP-AGRI) connects innovation actors, including farmers, advisers, agri-business, civil society, and researchers, working at EU, national and regional level. The partnership aims to catalyse innovation-related actions to foster enhanced productivity and sustainable resource management across the whole value chain.

Deadline for applications is on 10 September 2018. The call is available here.