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Meet the Buyer: Food and Nutrition

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Meet the Buyer: Food and Nutrition

Meet the Buyer: Food and Nutrition

Contact the organizer

Jaroslav Lorenz

Phone: 724247076

Action type: brokerage
When: 01/31/2024
Where: ONLINE / Merits Innovation Thinkspace, Ireland


The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in partnership with the Local Enterprise Offices invite you to participate in an international 'Meet the Buyers Event' for the Food and Beverage industry taking place in the heartland of Ireland in January 2024.

The EEN Food and Drink Buyers event has been designed with a several sector sub-specialisms as outlined below. To learn more about the full event schedule, visit the event´s website.

  • The Rise of 'New Food and Nutrition'

  • Emerging Consumer Trends & Opportunity Spaces

  • Building for Business in 2024