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FIT-4-NMP Networking Sessions at EuroNanoForum2021

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FIT-4-NMP Networking Sessions at EuroNanoForum2021

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Eva Kudrnová jménem týmu FIT-4-NMP Za ČR

Action type: conferences
When: 05/05/2021 - 05/06/2021
Where: Online


We are glad to invite You to the FIT-4-NMP project ( which will hold two networking sessions#### at EuroNanoForum2021 (, Europe’s largest networking conference focused on nanotechnologies and advanced materials science, innovation and business on 05-06 May 2021.

The FIT-4-NMP H2020 project aims to increase the participation of talented newcomers in the Horizon Europe projects focused on nanotechnologies, advanced materials, and advanced manufacturing processes (NMP).

If you are interested in applying for Horizon Europe funding in these fields, you are warmly invited to join the FIT-4-NMP networking sessions to:

  • Learn more about the FIT-4-NMP project support for newcomers
  • Discover upcoming Horizon Europe funding opportunities in NMP field
  • Meet top EU NMP innovators and the FIT-4-NMP project partners
  • Be inspired by success stories from NMP Horizon 2020 project participants

Find more details about the FIT-4-NMP sessions at the project website:

Keep in mind, free registration to the EuroNanoForum2021 is mandatory to participate in the FIT-4-NMP session.
Register to the EuroNanoForum2021 ( and follow the instructions to be provided.  FIT-4-NMP networking sessions will take place in the virtual Exhibition areaBooth 7 (”

Eva Kudrnova  - Technology Centre of the Czech Acedema of Sciences (Czech partner) on behalf of the FIT-4-NMP team.

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